About Us

We have a wealth of experience in developing innovative technology solutions that go beyond geographic boundaries. With a hands-on understanding of the seafood products market and the fishing industry, Sayyad is set to change the way fishermen and investors connect.


Our approach

Sayyad is designed to be a full solution for the entire seafood industry supply chain. This approach enables us to offer international exposure and opportunities for fishermen and investors alike.


We do this by offering

  • Access to a global market that’s not limited by geography
  • Secure payment processing for different business transactions
  • Only verified buyers and sellers are allowed to use the platform
  • Intuitive platform interface that’s easy to use for everyone
  • Global logistics and shipping services for buyers and sellers
  • Our Vision

    Empowering fishermen all around the world with an online platform for selling their products for the best price while giving investors access to the world’s finest seafood products.


    Our Mission

    Building the world’s largest online platform for fair-trade seafood products and creating trade opportunities in markets with untapped potential.

    Our Services

    We offer our clients all the services they need to buy and sell seafood products online. 


    Fair auctions

    Buy and sell seafood products with our fully automated and transparent online auctions.

    Online payments

    Pay for everything from products to international shipping online with our secure system.  

     The best  Fishers

    Ensure the best outcome by working with our carefully selected farmers and suppliers

    International shipping

    Get your products delivered anywhere with our reliable international shipping partners

    Land services

    Lease the best fish farms and let our experts handle all the legal and technical aspects.

    Advertisement solutions

    Reaching more customers and better advertising your products through marketing services with our partners

    Our Team

    We have a team of business and international law experts working behind the scenes to make Sayyad’s services possible.

    Abdulaziz Anazi عبدالعزيز العنزي
    رئيس مجلس إدارة جمعية الرؤية التعاونية للتسويق الزراعي
    Dr. Ali-Shakhi الدكتور علي الشيخي
    مدير عام الإدارة العــــــامة للثروة السمكية
    Mosa Alkinani موسى الكناني
    مدير التدريب والتطوير في البرنامج الوطني لتطوير قطاع الثروة السمكية

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